New Generation for powerfull, liquid vitamins and herbs

Allovita system – the new powerful liquid vitamins and allovita herbs- Garlic (allicin stable) blueberry -ginsing – others herbs. and vitamins  – the new powerful Garlic (allicin stable) blueberry -ginsing – others herbs. and vitamins in, 15L  concentrate(price 40eur pr liter) to mix 200 Liter ,   100Ldrum finish mixet- vitamins and allovita herbs  . Price is only 5 Eur pr Liter + transport. Price is for kit 1. E vitamin- c vitamin selen+ allovita herbs in 100Liter drums.

You get the cost from allovita back in the reduction the co 2-and the feed consumption, and medicin. Allovita system is one of the leading immune line to  your  animals feed planwhat are you waiting for.

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Allovita and our environment

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Did you know if 50% of the slaughtered chicken producent use the Allovita herps system the will save the environment co  2, from 8% and up depense of the feed, it will be so wonderfull if they youse this systems. Sent feed back if you are ore knowing , about farmers who can be interesting in Allovita systems.


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Good day to all . We will like to tell you we have make a new generation for using herbs , are you interested to know more about it , please give us a email, sent to

Allovita Information Pigs And poultry/Tilbud februar 2019.

Allovita information Animals   – Sikre værdital.  Vi har pt tilbud på  e-vita c vita og selen -flydende vitaminer /urter , den nye generation af vitaminer og aktive urter(allicin) Hvidløg-velegnet til hjemmeblander-drikkevandsystemer. Hygiejne management.

Pris er i februar 2019 , er kun  i  15 Liter koncentrat dunke,  kr 950  +moms/fragt-  giver 200 Liter allovita, færdigvarer , pris er kr 4,95 pr liter. ex moms.  Bestilling på


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